Do you love animals? Are you also worried about the rhino? Do you want to get involved? Do you want to be part of a team? There’s so much you can do…How about reaching out to others - your friends, families and schools. You can do you own presentations, meet a super-cool team of kids from around the world, brainstorm ideas to together, have fun while learning and sharing, and who knows, you may even get to meet a real rhino one day! Wow!

Are you interested? Contact us if you want to find out more and tell us why you would like to help a rhino.

Baby Rhino Rescue offers an active program which gives kids the opportunities to develop themselves in environmental work, be creative and express their opinions about the world and the protection of its species. Ambassadors are young and fearless campaigners; they are remarkable leaders and achievers with vision who are doing amazing things to save the rhino from extinction. The opportunity is open to other kids too. It is a great way for active leadership in the world. Our ambassadors have done presentations at schools, networked with other global citizens and leaders, have held successful, energizing and motivational events at schools, and are supporting a student council’s exploration into environmental work. If you and your kids love animals, here is a unique opportunity to save the rhino from extinction. Contact us and find out how you and your family or school can get involved!

To participate in the Ambassador program, please click here