Thanks to the incredibly generous donation by the Aryn and Matthew Grossman Foundation, Baby Rhino Rescue was able to facilitate the construction of a stronghold to keep the Care for Wild rhinos safe. Because rhinos are in such danger, the only way to keep them really safe is in secure, electrified perimeter fenced natural areas.

The intention is to keep the rhinos as wild as possible. The stronghold is a good compromise: the rhinos live in freedom in a natural wild environment, while being monitored 24/7 by armed guards.

With the Grossman donation, BRR was able to donate the electrified perimeter fence around the bomas where rhinos that have been weaned (i.e: they no longer need milk) are kept.

The stronghold is 350 hectares. This is the first stage of the stronghold project and a much larger area will be turned into a stronghold when the funds are available.