K9 Anti-Poaching Dogs

Meet K9 Fire. She is pictured here with a bullet proof vest. Fire goes on duty each day in her bullet proof vest.
The vest can keep out bullets from an AK47!

The K9’s who work in the field protecting the rhinos have made a substantial difference to the rhinos in their care.

It has been shown that poaching goes down by 80% when there is an anti-poaching K9 present!

BRR has been able to purchase 3 anti-poaching dogs for the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary, as well as the funds to train them.

Fire was purchased and trained through donations from our special projects donors.

Didi was purchased and trained with a donation from the Spirit Wildlife Fund.

And the new, as yet unnamed dog, has been purchased by a donation from Catherine Brown. The training will be paid for with donations from special projects.