To ensure the safety of the rhinos, the CFW Rhino Sanctuary needs to depend on the loyalty of the guards.

Unfortunately, poaching is often the  result of information leaked from the inside, or “inside job.”

Ensuring a good quality of life for the guards also adds security for the rhinos.

Thanks to a  generous donation from the Aryn and Matthew Grossman Foundation, BRR was able to fund the construction of a beautiful house for the guards.

The house is complete with a kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This is very important because it lets them know how essential they are to the safety of the rhinos.

This encourages loyalty, protecting against the betrayal of leaked information.

Without doubt, the guards are able to work more efficiently after enjoying good meals and comfortable sleep!

The construction of the house is complete. It is situated on a lovely piece of the property  located  on the banks of a creek and under big, shady trees.