Fundraising champs are kids and/or schools that take the initiative to raise funds on their own and choose to donate to Baby Rhino Rescue.


United States

Zayn (8) lives in San Fransisco. He was inspired to help save rhinos from extinction after hearing from his friend Isaac about the tragedy that surrounds rhinos. Zayn held a toy sale at a market and raised funds to donate to Baby Rhino Rescue. He then joined the Baby Rhino Rescue program from 2016-2017 and presented at his school to spread awareness of the endangerment that rhinos face.


The Crash Kids (South Africa)

Azaria (13), was so inspired by the work of Baby Rhino Rescue and its ambassadors that she has chosen to raise funds for us. She painted a beautiful rhino artwork that she sold for the benefit of Baby Rhino Rescue. Furthermore, each month she donates $5 from her pocket money to Baby Rhino Rescue. That’s all it takes to feed one baby rhino a day. This amazing girl is also the brainchild behind a really awesome group of young rhino activists called The Crash Kids: Kids Against Poaching. Each week they gather to raise funds for rhinos.

Redlands School

New South Wales, Australia

Redlands School raised $1200 to adopt four baby rhinos for one year. The Year 12 students hosted a ‘sausage sizzle’

as their legacy gift to the school. Then the school hosted Mufti Day which is a Prefect environmental initiative that they run each year. On Mufti Day, students dress up in their own clothes instead of school uniform and donate for the privilege. The theme was ‘animals and nature’ and they even had quite a few students in animal costumes! See photos from their events here

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