The dog run is situated alongside the rhino bomas, with a direct shute to the bomas, should a breach be detected. This means that the dogs will be released straight into the boma area, with no time delay.

The dog run has plenty of shady trees, so the dogs and their handlers can enjoy a comfortable life.

The dogs need to be housed and cared for well. Their health ensures the on going protection of the rhinos.

BRR partnered with Spirit Wildlife Fund to donate the funds for a dog run.

This is a special area for all the dogs, complete with runs, kennels, agility work out areas, and huts for the rangers, so they can be close to their dogs.

This is the lovely Diesel. a K-9 guard dog purchase for Care for Wild Africa with a generous grant from Los Angeles resident and animal activist Catherine Brown. Baby Rhino Rescue donors provided the funds to train Diesel and his handler. Care for Wild is busy with the handler’s training.

"Diesel must get use to farm and rhinos,” said Petronel Nieuwoudt, founder of Care for Wilid. "He is such an amazing animal. He is a very strong dog! Thank you so much!"