Baby Rhinos need Milk

Baby rhinos depend on their mothers’ milk for up to 3 years. They must be fed 4-6 times a day. When they are orphaned, they must be fed a milk formula that is as close as possible to rhino milk. Rhino milk formula is reconstituted from a powder with specific amounts of glucose and protein. Each rhino’s needs are unique. Some need more milk and some need less. The lack of rhino milk leads to ulcers that are painful.

At about two months old, young rhinos also eat teff.

Baby Rhino Rescue uses donations to pay for both milk and teff.

The babies love their milk and come running when they hear the volunteers arriving. Their squeaking is of endless fascination for people who have never heard a rhino talk!

When baby rhinos drink milk from a bottle, they get a dreamy far-away look in their eyes.

To feed a rhino baby costs $10.00/day for milk.