Isaac was born in South Africa in 2007. From a young age, Isaac has eagerly taken on projects for the protection of endangered species. At age 6, he published a book and donated the proceeds to saving trafficked pangolins in Vietnam. When Isaac's father adopted baby rhino Thor, Isaac felt that he could do more. He joined the team at Baby Rhino Rescue and immediately began raising awareness for the plight of the rhino. Isaac believes he “can grow a big community to help save the rhinos”. He is the leader of the youth team and through his presentations at schools, he has inspired other kids to be involved. Isaac has received hands on experience in working with rhinos. His teachers describe him as a "soulful, spirited and ambitious child...years beyond his age".

Eve was born in South Africa in 2009 and is the youngest member of the BRR team. Since she was very little she has loved all animals (especially her dogs Bobby and Bella). Eve has shown tremendous compassion, gentleness and kindness towards animals and has helped care for baby birds and baby owls. She wants to rescue and rehabilitate animals when she is older. Eve was extremely enraged when she learnt about rhino poaching and produced a beautiful little song “Little Rhino’s Melody”. She has joined BRR to learn what it takes to protect the rhino species and other endangered animals. Eve has also worked with orphaned baby rhinos to gain valuable skills and knowledge to protect them.

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