Advisory Board Members

Pauline Verheij, Advisory Board Member

Pauline Verheij is specialized in the investigation and prosecution of transnational wildlife crimes. Since 2000 she has worked to combat environmental and wildlife crime in consecutive positions as a legal advisor with the Dutch police, a policy advisor with the Dutch public prosecutors’ office and tiger trade manager with TRAFFIC International, based in Malaysia. Between 2012 and 2015 she ran her own consultancy EcoJust where she advised international NGOs and intergovernmental organisations on wildlife crime issues. In that capacity she was involved in the design and establishment of the Wildlife Justice Commission based in The Hague, and is currently employed as their Senior Legal Investigator.

Pauline is an advisory board member of the Elephant Action League and Jane Goodall Foundation Netherlands, a board member of the Moroccan Primate Conservation foundation and an advisor to WildLeaks, the first secure platform for wildlife crime whistleblowers. She adds advisory board member to Baby Rhino Rescue.

Desi Rosenfield, Advisory Board Member

President of Lapin International

Desi Rosenfield, President of Lapin International, joined the firm in 1993.  At that time, she already enjoyed a reputation as one of Deloitte & Touche’s  upcoming young consultants while working with their Strategy Group in  Johannesburg.  This position exposed her to the country’s leading strategy experts, who pioneered South Africa’s advanced methods of business strategy. Ms. Rosenfield assisted renowned consultants Anthony Ball and Stephen Asbury by providing research for their best-selling book The Winning Way.

Mindful of the limitations of conventional strategic thinking, Ms. Rosenfield  identified the work of David Lapin as key to unleashing untold human energy for  organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage. In 1993, she joined  Lapin International (then known as Strategic Business Ethics) as Vice President of Strategy to further propagate Lapin International’s unique philosophies and powerful solutions among both the public and private sectors. She spearheaded Lapin International’s expansion into the  USA and is currently the company’s President.

Ms. Rosenfield has headed research teams and has led consulting engagements for a variety of  large international corporations. Her experience spans many industries, including financial services,  hospitality, retail, utilities, City and State Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the United States. She interacts with senior management and chief executives in the USA, Africa,  Europe, and Asia. She completed her post-graduate studies in economics and finance at the  University of the Witwatersrand and now, although traveling extensively, lives with her family in  Arizona and Los Angeles.

Pavla Rihova, Advisory Board Member

Pavla is a zoologist who has worked 24 years as a wildlife enforcement inspector and investigator. She leads the special unit of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate dealing with the fight against wildlife crime and trafficking. The unit was involved in successfull investigations of illegal trade in rhino horns too. Routes of illegal rhino horns, ivory, tiger products and other goods from endangered species go through the Czech Republic and Europe and lead mostly to Asia. Pavla is a member of Interpol Wildlife Working Group too and also dealing with international collaboration in combating organized wildlife crime.

Rande Levin, Advisory Board Member

President of Lapin International

For 46 years Rande have been an animal lover and advocate. In 2003 she founded Karma Rescue, an animal welfare non-profit organization that rescues animals from shelters and finds them forever homes. Karma has become one of the main organizations dealing with rescue and rehabilitation.

She serves as the President of the Karma Rescue Board of Directors.  She also has  23 years of advertising experience working as a Senior Media Buyer with a wide array of clientele ranging from retail, automotive, entertainment and political campaigns.

Professor David Zeffertt, Advisory Board Member

David Zeffertt practiced as an advocate in Johannesburg for the first fifteen years of his professional life and until 1963. He then became a full time academic and was made Professor of Law at the University of Witwatersrand and held the office of Dean of its Faculty of Law and Chairman of the Government Committee of the School of Law.

After his retirement he was appointed Emeritus Professor of Law. He is co-author for South African standard text of the Law of Evidence and written exclusively on that and other legal subjects. He has worked as an advisor for a number of different South African companies.

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